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Cover Letter

I’ve been playing, painting and modeling for games since I was 8 years old. From painting my little green plastic
soldiers to several Warhammer 40k armies and eventually on to my first digital sculpts, this has been my

As a 3D Artist, I have worked in a variety of different areas and I’ve vastly enjoyed all of them for their own
reasons. With my experience in both digital sculpting and range of pipeline and software knowledge I feel I have a wide set of skills to offer.

Strong understanding of Digital Production pipelines

-Animation and Modeling Major and close to 5 years of production experience.
-Modeling specifically with low poly topology requirements and animation in mind.
-Expansive knowledge of software and techniques
-Worked in production with a variety game engines, including Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, Source and
Hero Engine

Communication and leadership skills

-Working as a lead for two Game Development companies.
-Training and tutoring for development teams and during college for asset production and pipelines.
-Working on a deadline and pushing for the best possible from myself and my team.

Creativity and Passion

-I am largely self taught, the challenge of learning a new program or method is something I love.
-I put my whole self into any project I’m working on. The team environment is where I thrive.
-Using all the tools at my disposal to make the best work I can.
-When given a task, I will meet it, nothing worth making comes easily. I refuse to give up, or shirk
responsibility. If I’m not good enough now, I will keep growing and become that much better in the

All I can remember wanting to be when I grew was a game developer, giving back to the community the same thrill and drive that fueled my experiences. Working in a creative field on the games I’ve spent most of my life enjoying, there’s nothing better.